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Volvo's Emission Problem

Volvo Trucks has just admitted to serious engine emission control problems in a new Press Release . The problem is not clearly defined, but rather the press release vaguely refers to it as follows: “The Volvo Group has detected that an emissions control component used in certain markets is degrading more quickly than expected, which could cause the engines to exceed emissions limits for nitrogen oxides (NOx). All products equipped with the component meet emissions limits at delivery; the degradation is due to a materials issue that occurs over time. A full analysis of the issue is not completed and it is not possible to assess the financial impact at this stage; however, the cost could be material.” — Volvo Trucks Press Release One possible source that fits with this wording is degradation of an SCR catalyst using reductant injection. Another, previous, Volvo Press Release touted the advantages of such as system: “The solution was to improve the selective catalytic reduct