Protect Your Brand Against Competitors

Continuing on the topic of “IP Prep Before a Big Event,” another consideration before moving forward with a public presentation is protecting the look and feel of your company and products. For example, design patents and trademarks may be helpful for protecting visual intellectual property.
            People often think of utility patents when it comes to patent protection, which may protect a method, device, or system that achieves a technical improvement. However, design patents protect the visual aspects of an article. For example, visual aspects such as a configuration, shape, and/or a surface ornamentation of an article may be protected via a design patent.
            As to trademark protection, trademark protection of company logos is another option to protect the look and feel of a company. For example, trademark protection of a company logo may help to prevent competitors from selling products with confusingly similar marks.
            Together, both trademark protection and design patent protection can strongly discourage copy cats from creating look-alike products, helping you to stand out from the crowd while developing your brand. That being the case, taking a look into design patents and trademark protection is an excellent idea before presenting your product at a public event.

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